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"Kelly has full command of the material, from every wink of a shoulder to a dramatic high note, His voice is so spot on, with gorgeous breath control".




"Musical director and pianist extraordinaire Bénédicte Jourdois takes the stage and proceeds to cast a musical spell as she effortlessly produces lush sound (she knows a fine way to treat a Steinway)" 


"Kitsakos and Hennessy have joined forces to compose a musical memoir landing in the space between art song and smoky supper club." 


"The wickedly funny libretto by Kitsakos is crafted with charm and just enough wisdom." 


"Hennessy has come up with a unique and rather magical genre of his own."


The Front Row Center and The Floriday Weekly



Martin Hennessy, composer and Stephen Kitaksos, librettist

Michael Kelly stars in this hit one-man show, chronicling the adventures of a young man in NYC in the late 1970s told through the lens of his older self. As he makes his way in the performing arts, he charmingly stumbles into some of the music and theater giants of the era.


"The Pleasing Recollection has a style all its own, weaving everything from art song to musical theater to cabaret to create something entirely new." 


Featuring baritone, Michael Kelly and music director/pianist, Benedicte Jourdois, Directed by Murphy Davis.


For further information and booking please contact: thepleasingrecollection@gmail.com or call 845-389-3670


"The Pleasing Recollection is a classic song cycle performed as cabaret."


The Pleasing Recollection

A Cabaret Opera

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"The songs flow one into the other, continuing through and under the interstitial monologues as the young man treats us to one amazing anecdote after another. The story of his bumping into Leonard Bernstein is hysterical!" 

--The Front Row Center


An Evening at the Theater


I took Lou's Advice


You Won't Understand Now


The Barstool Samba