Emily Dickinson

Let down the bars, O Death medium

My river runs to thee medium

Fame is a fickle food medium

I taste a liquor baritone


Lisa Gorton

After the Funeral tenor


Thom Gunn

To the Dead Owner of a Gym tenor AIDS Quilt Songbook

Still Life baritone AIDS Quilt Songbook


Langston Hughes

The Negro Speaks of Rivers low

Give Us Our Peace baritone

I loved my friend med & high

I dream a world high

Mother to Son med & high


Jane Kenyon

The Shirt medium


Paul Kiel

Realism (or the tyrant eats his bagel) med.


Buster Marengo

Bad medium 


Claude McKay

The City’s Love baritone


Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sonnet for Michael (Time does not bring relief) med & high


Rachel J. Peters

Geology medium


Constantin Popa

Lost Sense high


Ezra Pound

The Rest low 


William Shakespeare

That time of year (Sonnet 73) high


Upper West Side School child

Daliah’s Soup medium


Arnold Weinstein

Nobody Else But Me med & high


Walt Whitman

To You medium 

When I heard at the close of day medium low

O You whom I often medium


Scott Woods

I am high


Elinor Wylie

Little Elegy med.

That’s What I Recall (Barbara Hammond) Low

That’s What I Recall Medium

That’s What I Recall High

Another Day (Barbara Hammond) AIDS Quilt Songbook


Eighth Avenue Bossa Nova (Perry Brass)

Low (Bass and Countertenor)









All Over the World (Hennessy) medium low

Stars Live In Your Eyes (Hennessy) med

Hero (Hennessy) tenor

The Wings of Love (Hennessy) high

I missed it (Hennessy) high


Barrel and Suspenders Time (Rachel J. Peters) medium

The Story of Ned and June (Rachel J. Peters) duet baritone and soprano

Yet (Rachel J. Peters) medium

First Class (Rachel J. Peters) soprano


The Walking Wounded (Joseph Rubano) (duet)

Art Song

Ascending Descending (Janet Kaplan) 2010

Song cycle for two sopranos and piano 

1. Umbilicus duet

2. There was duet

3. As good as sex

4. When it started to rain

5. Never mind the night


Circe’s Power 2006 revised 2018

Seven Songs for Soprano and Piano

1. Nude Descending a Staircase (X.J. Kennedy) 

2. Stay me with flagons (Song of Solomon) 

3. Trail All Your Pikes (Anne Finch) 

4. The More Loving One (W.H. Auden) 

5. Question (May Swenson) 

6. A Note (William Carlos Williams) 

7. Circe’s Power (Louis Glück) 


Feeling the world as it passes through you (Naomi Shihab Nye) 2019

Song cycle for soprano, baritone and piano 

1. Woven by Air/Texture of Air (sop)

2. Cross That Line (bar)

3. Supple (sop)

4. Hello (bar) 

5. 300 Goats (duet)


Four Ben Jonson Songs 2004

For tenor and piano

Two songs of seduction, a hymn and a dirge

1. Hymn to Diana

2. Come, my Celia

3. Echo’s Song

4. Kiss me, sweet


Renascence (Edna St. Vincent Millay) 2010

Song Cycle for Vocal Quartet and Piano 

1. All I could see (SATB) 

2. Over these things (SATB) 

3. I screamed, and lo! (TS) 

4. I saw and heard (B) 

5. And all the while (S with tenor) 

6. A man was starving in Capri (A) 

7. No hurt I did not feel (B) 

8. Ah, awful weight! Infinity (T) 

9. Long had I lain thus (SATB) 

10. Deep in the earth (A with soprano) 

11. The rain I said (SATB) 

12. How can I bear it (S with tenor) 

13. O, God I cried (B) 

14. I ceased (SATB) 

15. I know not how (ASTB) 

16. Ah, Up then (SATB) 

17. Thou canst not move (SATB) 

18. The world stands out (SATB) 


Songs of Irony/Songs of Love 2002

For soprano and piano

3 sonnets and a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay

1. Spring

2. What lips my lips have kissed

3. I, being born a woman

4. Love is not all

Four Songs Volume I

High voice and piano

1. I thank you God (e.e. cummings) 

2. I’ll Love You (W.H. Auden) 

3. In the Stillness (Hennessy) 

4. Mother to Son (Langston Hughes)


Four Songs Volume 2

For high voice and piano

1. Moon Poem (Helen Rickards) 

2. Il girasole* (Eugenio Montale)

3. Mentor (Rilke- Eng. Translation) 

4. Sonnet for Michael (Millay).

*Italian text


Five New Songs

for high voice and piano
1. Anne Rutledge (Edgar Lee Masters)
2. A Birthday (Christina Rossetti)
3. Joel de la playa* (Martin Hennessy)
4. I Dream a World (Langston Hughes)
5. Thou wouldst be loved? (Edgar A. Poe)
*Spanish text


Five Songs

for medium voice and piano

1. Daliah's Soup (Unidentified Upper West Side School Child)
2. O You Whom I Often And Silently Come (Walt Whitman)
3. Little Elegy (Elinor Wylie)
4. Mentor (Rainer Maria Rilke)
5. The Secret Garden (Rita Dove)